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About Me

Hi, I am Marjolijn (but just call me Marilyn). Welcome!

I must have been a Scandinavian in a former life, because when I first learned about their hygge concept it immediately felt like coming home. 

I am an introvert with a natural preference for snuggling, small groups of people, meaningful conversations and slowing down. I am a born cocooner, candle devourer, tea gobbler, sweet tooth and comfy-clothes-wearer. I try to keep life simple, own no more than I really need, live healthy, enjoy the wonders of nature and look after our precious planet as good as I can. It took me a burn out and some serious self-reflection to realise that life is way to short to spend it on anything else than whatever it is that makes you happy.

In the turmoil of today’s busy lives, I believe everybody would benefit from a little (or a lot of) hygge now and then. Slow down, enjoy the little moments with your loved ones and focus on making memories instead of collecting things. I’m convinced the world needs more hygge and I am on a mission to spread it.

Marjolijn Poutsma
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About Hygge Hytte

Freely translated, Hygge Hytte means ‘cosy cottage’. Your home is your safe haven and the ultimate place to experience hygge. I want you to feel at home and offer a gathering place for those seeking and those providing inspiration on living slowly, simply and purposefully.

If you go through The Hygge Guide and learn about the meaning of hygge, it’s actually very similar to the concept of ‘slow living’. Hygge Hytte was born out of my own desire to live more slowly, simply and purposefully. More and more I feel we need to counter the ruling principle that more and bigger and faster are the ways forward. I think we’d be so much better off if we focus on enjoying the little things in life, take time to connect with like-minded souls, appreciate craftsmanship over mass production, prioritise self-care, get rid of both physical and mental clutter and be grateful for what we have.

I want Hygge Hytte to be a hangout for everyone who wants to spend some slow time browsing for inspiration on living slowly and mindfully. For small, creative businesses I want to offer a place where they can show their work, tell their story and meet their audience.

It’s important to know that hygge is not an exact science. It’s very personal and sometimes different people consider different things or circumstances ‘hyggelig’. There’s no right or wrong here, as long as you get the concept and it works for you! Hygge Hytte is a reflection of my own sense of hygge. I live in The Netherlands, but I’m very smitten by British hygge elements; I love the atmosphere of their old villages, the stone cottages, the beautiful landscape, the gloomy weather, the colourful language. That’s my interpretation of hygge and yours could be different. Whether it resonates with you or not, I hope it inspires you to discover your own hygge.

My Philosophy

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The best hygge in life is free! No over-expensive lifestyle items here. Just specially curated ideas that are small, simple and fun and aim to enable as many hygge experiences as possible.

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I believe we don’t need a lot of things to be happy. Clutter is not only about physical space; it affects your mental space as well. All ideas you find on this site have clutter-free living in mind.

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I cooperate with small brands that fit perfectly into the hygge (slow living) philosophy. They enable cosiness, mindfulness and ‘feel good’ in a creative, soulful and socially responsible way.

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There are many ways to enjoy life the eco-friendly way. You’ll find tips here that don’t harm the planet. Featured brands manufacture products and packaging with care for the environment.

Contact Me

Any thoughts, suggestions, great stories? I’d love to hear from you!

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Characteristics of a Hygge Spot

We realize that the definition of a hygge place may vary slightly from person to person. However, as a guideline we use the following characteristics that are generally considered hygge.

Basic lighting
Basic lighting is the light you turn on when you enter the space. The light spreads evenly and doesn’t create too much effect or contrast. Think ceiling lamps, hanging lamps and build-in spots.

Atmospheric lighting
Atmospheric lighting is for creating…atmosphere. It’s a soft, indirect light that spreads throughout the space. This is called diffused light. Use different heights of atmospheric lighting for optimal results, for example table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps.

Functional lighting
Functional lighting is focused light that enables you to see what you’re doing. It’s the light above your dinner table, the reading lamp next to your lazy chair and the spots above your kitchen sink.

Accent lighting
Accent lighting is used to single out a specific object or place and focus attention on it. This could be a painting or an architectonic detail.

Decorative lighting
Decorative lighting is about the esthetics of the armature itself. Lighting the space is not its purpose; it’s just there for the effect. Most of these light sources have little light output and stand out because of their appearance. Fireplaces and candles are also decorative lighting.

Hygge is the art of creating warmth, coziness and contentment in any given moment.

Hygge Hytte  means 'cozy cottage', a place where you can unwind and recharge.