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Choose to be optimistic. It just feels better.

Feel a bit depressed from all the bad news that’s out there in the media? There’s good news too! Maybe these good news sites will cheer you up.

If you have a positive mind, you’ll start noticing positivity everywhere. There are some great people and organizations that focus on doing good or report about it with the intention of making a positive change in the world and the conversations we have.

News Sites
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Positive News believes excessive negativity in the press is destructive for society, and instead they are working to create a more constructive and compassionate media. They aim to deliver quality, independent, trustworthy journalism about progress and possibility.

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DailyGood leverages the internet to promote positive and uplifting news around the world. The world is full of everyday heroes and true stories of transformation. DailyGood aims to shine a light on these stories and in doing so to change the nature of our conversations.

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From its beginnings in 1997, the Good News Network has been a clearinghouse for the gathering and dissemination of positive news stories from around the globe, confirming what people already know — that good news itself is not in short supply; the broadcasting of it is.

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Sunny Skyz was launched in January of 2012 in order to promote good news stories from around the world. It has since evolved into a place that promotes love, laughter and kindness, in the form of videos, blogs, pictures, jokes and more.

Theme Days
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At Days Of The Year, they believe that every day should be celebrated and that today is the day! Their aim is to bring all of the world’s weird, funny, wonderful and bizarre holidays under one roof, and to create the ultimate guide to celebrating each and every day.

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Checkiday was created with the goal to be the world’s most complete holiday listing which would automatically update to show you today’s holidays. They currently have at least 4200 unique holidays on their site.

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Although the awesome things people do in the videos on this site are often far from hygge, I can’t help but feeling joyful and energetic when I watch them. Therefore I think it deserves a place on this wall of positivity.

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Characteristics of a Hygge Spot

We realize that the definition of a hygge place may vary slightly from person to person. However, as a guideline we use the following characteristics that are generally considered hygge.

Basic lighting
Basic lighting is the light you turn on when you enter the space. The light spreads evenly and doesn’t create too much effect or contrast. Think ceiling lamps, hanging lamps and build-in spots.

Atmospheric lighting
Atmospheric lighting is for creating…atmosphere. It’s a soft, indirect light that spreads throughout the space. This is called diffused light. Use different heights of atmospheric lighting for optimal results, for example table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps.

Functional lighting
Functional lighting is focused light that enables you to see what you’re doing. It’s the light above your dinner table, the reading lamp next to your lazy chair and the spots above your kitchen sink.

Accent lighting
Accent lighting is used to single out a specific object or place and focus attention on it. This could be a painting or an architectonic detail.

Decorative lighting
Decorative lighting is about the esthetics of the armature itself. Lighting the space is not its purpose; it’s just there for the effect. Most of these light sources have little light output and stand out because of their appearance. Fireplaces and candles are also decorative lighting.

Hygge is the art of creating warmth, coziness and contentment in any given moment.

Hygge Hytte  means 'cozy cottage', a place where you can unwind and recharge.