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Life is only as good as the

people you share it with.

Sharing moments with family and friends is an important factor when it comes to hygge and happiness. It creates a feeling of belonging.

Social relationships are perhaps the most essential factor for happiness. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, people are social creatures by nature. Studies show that there’s a strong correlation between the satisfaction people feel about their relationships and their overall satisfaction with life. The relationships we value most are those in which we experience things together, feel understood and there’s mutual trust and support. Hygge puts quality over quantity here; spending time with a group of 3-4 close friends or relatives is considered most hyggelig. It might therefore be the perfect compromise for introverts and extroverts to hang out together, somewhere in between socializing and relaxation.

#1 – make time

Maintain your relationships consciously. Don’t wake up one day and regret that a lifetime has passed and you weren’t there. Show your appreciation, get involved, be attentive. It doesn’t have to be on a daily base as long as you make a conscious and heartfelt decision about how and when you want to get social.

woman holding a cup of coffee

#2 – share

Not all of us are naturals when it comes to sharing what’s on our minds. But letting people in on your life, goals, successes, failures, quirky features and also knowing this from the other strengthens bonds. By letting the world know what you’re up to, you also enlarge the chance of meeting people that share your interests and world views.

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#3 – tribe

Everybody has a tribe, find yours! If it’s not the people that are around you now, then find out where they are. There are always like-minded people that get you. Hang out with them face to face or virtually. If you love hygge as much as we do: welcome to the tribe! Make sure to get on the mailing list and join our hygge-insiders group.

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#4 – traditions

It’s great to start traditions. Traditions give something to look forward to and give you the warm feeling of being part of something. It could be the yearly long weekend skiing with your friends, spending New Year’s Eve at a particular place, eating a family recipe at grandma’s birthday every year; the possibilities are endless.

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#5 – memories

Creating memories together is creating narratives. Years from now, you’ll be sharing stories and reminisce by the campfire: do you remember that time we did so and so and we laughed so hard that we almost wet our pants? It’s often the little moments that make the best memories.

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    Characteristics of a Hygge Spot

    We realize that the definition of a hygge place may vary slightly from person to person. However, as a guideline we use the following characteristics that are generally considered hygge.

    Basic lighting
    Basic lighting is the light you turn on when you enter the space. The light spreads evenly and doesn’t create too much effect or contrast. Think ceiling lamps, hanging lamps and build-in spots.

    Atmospheric lighting
    Atmospheric lighting is for creating…atmosphere. It’s a soft, indirect light that spreads throughout the space. This is called diffused light. Use different heights of atmospheric lighting for optimal results, for example table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps.

    Functional lighting
    Functional lighting is focused light that enables you to see what you’re doing. It’s the light above your dinner table, the reading lamp next to your lazy chair and the spots above your kitchen sink.

    Accent lighting
    Accent lighting is used to single out a specific object or place and focus attention on it. This could be a painting or an architectonic detail.

    Decorative lighting
    Decorative lighting is about the esthetics of the armature itself. Lighting the space is not its purpose; it’s just there for the effect. Most of these light sources have little light output and stand out because of their appearance. Fireplaces and candles are also decorative lighting.

    Hygge is the art of creating warmth, coziness and contentment in any given moment.

    Hygge Hytte  means 'cozy cottage', a place where you can unwind and recharge.