How To Zentangle

Did you know that drawing can get you in a state of total mindfulness? One method you can use is Zentangle ®. It’s an easy-to-learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. You don’t need to be an experienced painter or colorist to be able to do this; think of it as doodling 2.0! I took a Zentangle workshop once with my colleagues. There was such a feeling of serenity when we worked on our tangles. You can’t help but slowing down and get in the moment. And create some beautiful art in the process. But remember: you’re doing it just for you so there’s no pressure to perform here. But if you want, you can turn your tangles in little notecards, bigger greeting cards or hang them on you wall.

What do you need?

– A piece of blank paper (for instance square 3.5 inches/90 mm)
– A light pencil
– A graphite pencil
– A black fineliner pen

Eight steps of the Zentangle Method

Step 01 – Gratitude and Appreciation
Get into the right mindset. Make yourself comfortable, take some deep breaths and feel grateful and appreciative – for your beautiful paper, your tools and this opportunity to create something beautiful.

Step 02 – Corner Dots
Place a light pencil dot in each corner. Now your piece of paper (tile) is no longer blank!

Step 03 – Border
Draw light (straight or curvy) pencil lines to connect the dots, to create a square. This is your workspace.

Step 04 – String
Draw light pencil lines (strings) within your workspace to separate it into sections. A string can be any shape: curvy lines or a series of straight lines, it’s up to you.

Step 05 – Tangle
A tangle is a pattern made up by a predefined sequence of simple strokes. Draw your tangles with deliberate strokes in pen inside each section. Don’t worry about what it’s going to look like and trust that you’ll know what to do next. There is no up or down to Zentangle art so feel free to rotate your tile in any direction that is most comfortable for your hand as you draw.

Step 06 – Shade
Use your graphite pencil to add shading to your tile. This way, two-dimensional black and white tangles transform and appear three-dimensional.

Step 07 – Initial and Sign
Sign the art you’ve created. Put your initials on the front of your tile. Maybe even create a unique monogram for this. On the back you can write down your name, date and comments.

Step 08 – Appreciate
Look at your work from different angles. Yes, you created that!

Zentangle was invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. On their website you can find all you need to know about this method.

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Characteristics of a Hygge Spot

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Atmospheric lighting
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Hygge is the art of creating warmth, coziness and contentment in any given moment.

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